The EU must U-turn its trade policy – new Raw Materials Act (CRMA) helps cement an unjust world order

We, civil society organisations advocating for trade justice worldwide, are deeply concerned about the European Union's strategy for accessing critical materials, recently published in a new Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). The Act reveals that the EU's priority is to…
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340+ organisations call on the EU to immediately halt trade negotiations with Brazil

In an open letter, over 340 civil society organisations are demanding that the European Union immediately halt free trade agreement negotiations with the Mercosur bloc (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) on the grounds of deteriorating human rights and environmental conditions…
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EU Investment Policy

Letter to members of the European Parliament : do not ratify the EU-Singapore investment agreement

Download the PDF version here "Dear Honourable Member of the European Parliament, We are writing to draw your attention to the upcoming plenary vote on the EU-Singapore investment deal (EUSIPA), on 12th February. We, over 50 organisations from Europe and…
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