Please take some time to fill out the questionnaire. The results are key to map the strategic context for our campaigning ahead of the meeting.



    Are you predominantly working on the national or EU level?

    What is the position of your government as regards the EU-Mercosur agreement? 

    Before Corona, was there already public interest in the issue? If not what needs to happen to change that?

    To what extent is your organisation or platform already working on the  EU-Mercosur Agreement? What activities, if any, have you already planned for 2020? What is the timeline for your planned activities?

    What ressources (financial, personal) do you have at hand to work on EU-Mercosur agreement?

    Which issue(s) in your context do you consider to be most relevant to organize strong resistance against the agreement?

    What should be the main message/narrative in your context in regards to the agreement?

    Which conflicts and/or contradictions arising out of the EU-Mercosur Agreement within the government or among key social sectors (e.g. business, farmers) that you believe are important to exploit?

    Whom do you consider to be your (strongest) allies?

    Which allies do you want to bring on board?

    Does your organization work with partners from Mercosur countries? If so, which?

    What is needed on the European level in terms of coordination? Which steps should we take, what tools are necessary?

    How do you feel ist the current situation concerning the Corona virus influencing your work on the agreement?