Please register here for the S2B Meeting. Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic the meeting will be hold online.

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    Draft Agenda

    Date and TimeItems
    October 5
    09:00Arrival and welcome
    09:15How is the crisis changing trade and investment policy?
    11:15Assessing developments around ISDS- what advances did we make
    – what can we achieve in the next years
    13:00End day 1
    October 6
    09:00Trade and Climate I
    10:15Coffe Break
    10:30Trade & Climate Work II
    11:45Coffee Break
    12:00S2B internals (budget and funding situation, coordination group, new members)
    13:00End day 2
    17:00Social session and general political discussion
    October 7 (tbc)
    09:00Priorities for 2021 I
    10:15Coffe Break
    10:30Priorities for 2021 II
    12:00End day 3