Temporary working groups on specific forthcoming collaborative activities (for instance a public action or stunt, ESF participation, a media action) are formed, where possible, at S2B meetings with the possibility of active groups still joining after the meeting. When the need arises outside of a meeting, the email list will be informed of the working group and all interested groups invited to participate.

In addition to the working groups, the network has a Coordination Group. The Coordination Group is established to:

  • prepare and consult the agenda of S2B meetings and ensuring broad participation of active groups in co-operation with the host group;
  • ensure that the whole network is informed about the outcome of all meetings;
  • moderate membership and messages of the S2B email list server;
  • ensure the maintenance of the S2B website;
  • facilitate the smooth running of the network in between meetings;
  • liaise with other pan-European trade networks and the Our World Is Not For Sale Network, in terms of information-sharing, including specific continental events.
  • coordinate the financing for the network’s activities.

S2B’s Coordination Group is chosen once a year at a S2B meeting. The current members are:  Fabian Flues (Powershift), Jean Blaylock (Global Justice Now), Nelly Grotefendt (Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung), Lucía Bárcena (TNI), and Marta Garcia Pallares (Ecologistas en Acción).