If you are a single individual wishing to join:

The Seattle to Brussels (S2B) network runs a public listserver aimed at informing about trade issues the general public, academics, organisations, EU and national officials. The objective of this listserver is the dissemination of information. Anyone can register, it is sufficient to complete the registration form and you will be automatically subscribed to the listserver.

If you are an organisation wishing to join:

The Seattle to Brussels (S2B) network also runs a confidential listserver researved to its member groups only. The purpose of this listserver is to provide a swift medium for information sharing and stratergising. S2B groups also collaborate on specific working areas (agriculture, services, investment, etc) via a number of sub-listservers.

In order to subscribe to the confidential listserver and sub-listservers there are a number of steps you must follow:

Step One: Find two S2B active member who can vouch for you to the network. If this should not be an option for you, the network will base its decision on the information made available on the registration form. We however strongly advise you to seek a vouching organisation in order to ensure your membership to the network. Please contact our facilitators for the registration form: info@s2bnetwork.org

Step Two: Once you found two organisations that can vouch for you you must fill in the registration form specifying the vouching organisation’s name and contact person. You will receive confirmation of your subscription by e-mail in which you will be asked to specify which working groups (and respective sub-listservers) you would like to join.

If you wish to support the Seattle to Brussels network, please download the Seattle to Brussels network logo and create on your website a link from it to the Seattle To Brussels website (www.s2bnetwork.org)