European Commission taken to court over India-EU trade pact

In an oral hearing at the EU’s General Court in Luxembourg on Friday, 11 January 2013, the EU Commission defended its practice of sharing sensitive information with big business lobby groups while withholding the same information from the general public. The hearing took place in the context of Corporate Europe’s Observatory’s lawsuit, suing the EU Commission for withholding information related to the EU’s free trade talks with India. The Commission is accused of discriminating in favour of corporate lobby groups and of violating the EU’s transparency rules (…).

Trade Unions discuss EU-India FTA

International Metalworkers Federation South Asia Office organized a workshop on EU India Free Trade Agreement on February 14 and 15 in New Delhi. Representatives of Indian national trade union centres and Indian affiliates of IMF, BWI, ITGLWF, UNI, ICEM exchanged views on trade policies and implications for development and employment with IMF affiliates from France, Italy, Canada, Argentina and Japan ()

Corporate privileges in EU-India relations

European Commission sued for giving privileged access to corporate lobby groups in EU-India trade relations – Background information on CEO’s legal action against the Commission from February 2011 (…)