Join the Week of Action: Stop the EU-Mercosur, EU-Chile & EU-Mexico trade deals!

Join us during the Week of Action from the 22nd to the 26th of May 2023 against the neoliberal and neocolonial policies of the EU ! All activities are welcome that help to raise attention and put pressure on our decision makers, so they finally STOP THESE TRADE AGREEMENTS and fight for a just future!

2023 is a key year for three big trade and investment agreements the EU wants to sign and ratify with Mexico, Chile and the four Mercosur states, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

These agreements are part of an out-dated neoliberal and colonial model of trade that has destroyed the planet and driven inequality: they serve corporate interests at the expense of planetary boundaries, decent jobs and working conditions, human rights and animal welfare.

On Thursday and Friday, 24th and 25th of May, the Trade Ministers of the EU member States meet in Brussels to discuss their next steps towards the ratification of the trade deals. At the same time, negotiators of the EU and the Mercosur countries will try to close negotiations on a joint instrument which supposedly strengthens the sustainability aspects of this agreement – leaks have shown that this is merely an attempt to greenwash an inherently bad trade deal.

To tell our politicians and the ones in charge of negotiations what we think of these agreements, we have to be loud and visible – in the streets and on social media!

If you want to join the week of action, please fill in the table or send an Email to, so we can add your activity to the list!

TOGETHER we can stop corporate trade deals and build global justice!