We are currently building a website for the Autumn of Action – Last days of CETA to make visible the wave of mobilizations and actions against CETA.

Below you find the call of action we developed over the last weeks. Please sign the call with your organizations name so we can make visible how many and how diverse we are as one European movement to stop CETA.

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Call to Action
Last days of CETA! Join us for an Autumn of Action!
We are civil society, grassroots organizations, labour movements, farmer, environmental and social groups from all across Europe, Canada and the U.S. We want to put an end to secretive trade deals like CETA and TTIP, and any that follow; and we want to create an alternative trade policy, one that puts people and planet first and ends corporate impunity.

We are calling, not for a single day of protest, but for an Autumn of Action – because together, our actions will speak louder to those who have to hear us. Let’s make these weeks The Last Days of CETA!

Right now – social movements and civil society are fighting against CETA: TTIP through the backdoor.

The process around CETA was EVEN MORE secretive than TTIP. Not even Members of the European Parliament were able to see either the text or the mandate before the agreement was finalised. CETA is ready to sign and the European Commission and many governments are pushing hard to get it through.

CETA means less democracy in favour of extensive investor rights, it endangers our public services, our small and medium businesses, our workers rights, our environmental and food standards and our planet. The biggest threat is that CETA is a blueprint for TTIP and allows already US corporations to use the ISDS system to sue us for democratic decisions. If CETA is passed it will be hard to oppose TTIP, we need to stand now together to ensure that we do not let our rights get sold off to multinational corporations.

Over the past few years a powerful movement against unfair trade policies has emerged in Europe and beyond. Farmers, judges, local business, trade unions, enviromentalists, municipalities and many more stand up against CETA and TTIP.

We protest the way current trade policies profit the few, while the planet and the people suffer. We reject a trade policy that undermines our hard won labor rights, that forces privatisation of public services and that is dependent on the exploitation of our natural ressources and creating the destructive climate change that people across the globe are fighting. We won’t accept a trade system that perpetuates poverty in the global south and produces extreme wealth among the few.

It’s time to face our planetary limits and to share the wealth we can produce between everyone, this is simply impossible with trade agreements giving the opportunity to the most wealthy to win even more. We therefore stand in solidarity with social movements and civil society in the global south that is fighting for a more just trade system also against our governments and corporations. Just like in Europe people in the Americas, Asia and Africa are going to take action against free trade agreements like TPP (Transpacific Partnership).

Now is the time to act!

This autumn of action will see a massive wave of actions, protest and disobedience in Europe and beyond. This autumn we will show the millions of voices that demand the suspension of CETA and TTIP. We are determined to defeat CETA and to win. Stopping CETA opens the space for alternatives. We call on organisations, individuals and alliances to participate by organising autonomous, decentralised actions across Europe. We welcome a diversity of actions and solidarity from across the world that will help inform, engage and mobilise people locally. We will win against CETA because future and current generations deserve it.

Autumn of Action – September to November 2016 #stopCETA and #TTIP