209 Civil Society Organisations Say: EU trade deals must not undermine democratic rights

In order to bypass criticism by some EU governments and parliaments, the European Commission wants to change the voting process for upcoming trade agreements with Mexico, Chile and the Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) and make it easier…
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How the EU pesticide lobby is harming people and planet in the Global South

DOWNLOAD the full report here in ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE Corporations like Bayer and BASF, who are the leading European pesticide producers, have been heavily promoting the EU-Mercosur trade deal through lobby groups. Their joint lobby efforts have borne fruit: pesticide use…
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Turnaround: New Multilateral Trade Rules for People-Centered Shared Prosperity and Sustainable Development

+++The statement was first published here and is also available in French and Spanish.+++ 1. People around the world need a global economy that facilitates shared prosperity with human, labor, social and economic rights to facilitate the achievement, at a…
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