Since its launch in January 2019, we have managed to get 500,000 people from across the European Union to back our call to Stop ISDS and demand real rules for corporations instead.  With your support, we could put an end to ISDS – a system that gives multinationals the right to sue governments that stand up for people’s rights. And we may well be able to secure binding global rules that mean that multinationals will be held to account for abuses they commit wherever in the world they commit them.  It’s been an exciting campaign so far. We have seen protests across the continent, lobbied MEPs to reject a dodgy deal with Singapore that threatens to revive ISDS and brought attention to the horrible things – including murder – that corporations get away with in the absence of a binding global mechanism to hold them to account.  

This coming month will be crucial to the campaign. The EU is shamefully considering pulling out of negotiations for a binding UN Treaty on business and human rights. We will need to fight hard in order to stop richer European countries sabotaging this chance for victims of corporate abuses to win justice. And at the beginning of April, negotiations in New York will continue on proposals to expand ISDS into a ‘Multilateral Investment Court’. We need to use this chance to argue that ISDS is buried, not revived.  

The best way for us to win this campaign is for us to win more support. Half a million is great but a million signatures would be even better. Please share this petition widely to ensure we get there.