17332023722_aa29747fb6_zHere are publications, articles and videos on TiSA, the Trade in Services Agreement.


What’s in the TISA and why it’s a secret? (18 minutes, Sanya Reid Smith for the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, Sept 2014)
Great presentation by Sanya Reid Smith (Researcher and Legal Adviser, Third World Network, Genf), introduction to the concept of services, and the link between TTIP and TiSA.


Video : What the TiSA Leaked Documents Reveal About Negotiations (12 min, TheRealNews, June 2015) A general introduction to TiSA. PopularResistance.org co-director Kevin Zeese explains the most egregious portions of the secretly negotiated agreement.


Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Core Text and Analysis (Owinsf, based on Wikileaks, July 2015)
WikiLeaks has previously published a large number of secret TiSA Annexes. WikiLeaks’ publication of the present core text for the first time gives the public a picture of the scale and scope of TiSA, and illustrates the overarching legal framework for previously published Annexes. The draft core text dates from April 2015, shortly after the 12th round of TiSA negotiations held from 13-17 April 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.


From GATS to TISA – Global Trade in Services Forum, Geneva, 17 October, 2014

14 short videos interviews with critical perspective on TISA, with trade unionists from public and private sectors, government representatives, global experts and civil society representatives.


A special report by  Public Services International (PSI) and Our World is not for Sale (OWINFS) on TISA analyzing the different aspects of TISA and how it would interfere with governments and parliaments right to regulate. (Available in en, fr, de, es, ru)
Analysis by Public Services International (PSI) on the threat of TISA for public services.
How TiSA strolls off with our services (TNI, 2pages, August 2015)
Short article by Lavinia Steinfort, focuses on trade secrets, water privatisation, general liberalisation and the cost of this agreement for the common good.
A new trade proposal is aiming to commodify health care services  globally, with higher costs for governments and poorer performance for  patients, to the benefit of large health corporations and insurance companies in a USD 6-trillion business. 
From GATS to TISA: New challenges for quality public education (Antoni Verger for Education International, 2015)
Short analysis on the risks that TISA pose for education quality and equality specially in the Global South.
Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Proposal New Provisions Applicable to All Services (Associated Whistleblowing Press for Education International, 2014)
Leaked TISA document revealing that the governments of Norway, together with Colombia, New Zealand and Australia would like to see education services included in the new trade pact
The following analysis highlights just some of the dangerous provisions in the TISA Annex on Financial Services that will expose the general public again to risky activities by the financial sector. It explains how many of these TISA provisions limit what governments, legislators, regulators and supervisors can do to restrict the financial sector.
Short analysis of TISA on financial markets and services 
Consumers’ protections and privacy are at risk, along with national  governments’ sovereignty, at the sole benefit of Information and  Communication Technology (ICT) corporations. This is what emerges from the latest leaked document of the Trade In Service Agreement (TISA) negotiations.
A proposal by the US Trade Representative (USTR) dated 25 April 2014 to  the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) negotiations has been leaked. It  focuses on e-commerce, technology transfer, cross-border data flows and  net neutrality.                        
Short analyis of the possible impacts of TISA on food and agriculture by International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and  Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF).