Beginner’s guide to the EU trade and Investment Policy

The Seattle to Brussels Network developed this Trade Reader as a beginners guide to the EU trade and investment policy. It is written in English and translations are being finalised in French. Some of the key articles have been also translated into Arabic, in order to raise awareness of the EU policy in Arab and Mediterranean Countries, especially after the EU launched its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia (…)

Press Release

Vote in the European Parliament: is liberalisation the answer to Arab revolutions? On year ago, populations in North Africa were in the streets to claim democracy and social justice. These two demands are under threat with the vote, this Thursday 10 May in the European Parliament: a resolution supporting the liberalization of trade and investment for serious engagement and for the EU to display political leadership under the lovely title “trade for change” (…)

S2B Press Release

Make no mistake: the EU´s trade policy is about the EU´s offensive corporate interests – On Friday January 27th, the European Commission (EC) released a Communication entitled “Trade, growth and Development – Tailoring trade and investment policy for those countries most in need”. The Seattle to Brussels Network finds this title grossly misleading ()

AK Position Paper on the Reflection Paper of the EC

The European Commission has presented a Reflections Paper on Services of General Interest in Bilateral Free Trade Agreements. The latter aims to reframe the understanding and treatment of public services in future trade negotiations. Against this background the Austria Chamber of Labour (AK) rejects any attempts to limit the scope of already established exemptions from liberalisation obligations and emphasises the lack of legal bases for the proposed division of the public services sector (…)

Human Rights in EU Trade Policy

An Ecofair Trade Dialogue Discussion Paper: Human Rights in EU Trade Policy ? Between Ambition and Reality, By Armin Paasch, Published by Misereor, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Third World Network, Anthra, Glopolis, Ecofair Trade Dialogue (December 2011) (EnglishDeustch)

Factsheets on EU’s trade policy

Briefing papers for journalists, decisions makers and the interested public comment on actual questions and political challenges of the international trade and investment policy. Published by WEED, WoW, WIDE & EED

Business as Usual?

Business as Usual? How Free Trade Agreements Jeopardise Financial Sector Reform published by SOMO, December 2010

S2B Press Release

S2B Press Release 9th November 2010 on the new EU’s Commission Trade Strategy “Trade, Growth and World Affairs”: After the failure of the “Global Europe Strategy”, the new EU’s 2020 trade strategy will reinforce the policies responsible for the economic, social and environmental crises

Financial sector “reforms”

How European Financial Sector Reforms affect Developing Countries, by  Myriam Vander Stichele, Published by SOMO, November 2010


S2B Videoletter on EU’s Trade Strategy

Archive 2008

Archive 2007

  • Stop EPAs!, Global Civil Society Statement, 27 September 2007  (English Français)
  • Declaration of European and Korean Social Movements and Civil Society Organisations on the First EU-Korea FTA Round, 19 September 2007
  • No to a New FTA with the EU! – Declaration of Andean and European Social Movements on the EU-CAN negotiations, September 2007  (Castellano, English, Français)