Join the European Trade Justice Coalition at a series of three learning sessions about issues on the cutting edge of trade policy and the way it impacts people and planet.


From raw materials to green industrial development?

Resource-rich countries in the Global South have been exploited for centuries, often with devastating consequences for local communities and the environment – and very little to show for in terms of economic development. As we move from the fossil age to a renewable future, certain “transition minerals” will be in high demand.

Is it possible for countries in the Global South to benefit from their mineral wealth? What is the role of industrial and trade policy play?

We will hear about the recent experience of Indonesia in leveraging its minerals for economic development, and discuss the downsides and pitfalls of the approach.

When: Tuesday 14 May 2024 – 15:00 CEST / 14:00 UK & Ireland
Where: zoom
Who: Tim Sahay (Net Zero Policy Lab), Rachmi Hertanti (TNI)

Farmers’ protests, food sovereignty and toxic trade

Recently farmers’ protests in Europe have hit the headlines and thrown a spanner in the works of the latest attempts to get the toxic EU-Mercosur trade deal over the line.

There have been decades of resistance from farmers to the use of trade rules to impose a corporate driven agenda on farming across the world that destroys jobs, lives and the environment across the world. Set against this is the model of food sovereignty, solidarity and cooperation.

La Vía Campesina is embarking on the task of building an alternative model for trade. Join the session to learn more!

When: Wednesday 15 May 2024 – 11:00 CEST / 10:00 UK & Ireland
Where: zoom
Who: Morgan Ody (General coordinator, La Vía Campesina)

Subsidies and the new global trade order – a progressive vision?

In the past few years the US and EU have rediscovered industrial subsidies and tariffs aimed at stimulating green investments domestically. After spending decades pushing for trade liberalisation and demonising the use of industrial policy to promote development, wealthy countries are now throwing out the playbook in an attempt to reduce dependence on China.

This shift has not proceeded with developing countries in mind. What opportunities and challenges does it pose for the Global South?

When: Tuesday 21 May 2024, 15-16:30 CEST / 14-15:30 UK & Ireland
Where: zoom
Who: Avantika Goswami (Centre for Science & Environment, New Delhi), Ted Fertik (BlueGreen Alliance)