Local Authorities


Across Europe local authorities speak out against TTIP. In many countries “TTIP free zones” are groing. Below you find campaign materials like templates for resolutions on the local level from many European countries. See how the resistance against TTIP is growing in Europe’s local authorities from small villages to capital cities.

Materials on the French Campaign

Template TTIP-free resolution suggested by the French campaign (in French)

List of TTIP-free zones in France

Materials on the Campaign in the UK

UK TTIP-free zone microsite

Model TTIP motion for local authorities in the UK

Materials on the Spanish Campaign

List of TTIP-free local authorities in Spain
Los Municipios Europeos Contra el TTIP
Article on municipalities and TTIP in spanish

Materials on the German Campaign

Map and Materials of ttip-free Zones in Germany:

Materials on the Austrian Campaign

List of TTIP-free Zones in Austria

Template TTIP-free resolution suggested by the Austrian Campaign (German)

Broshure on municipalities and TTIP from the Austrian Campaign (German)

Short infos on the Austrian Campaign (German)

CEMR (Council of European Municipalities and Regions) Position paper on the ongoing negotiations on TTIP, may 2015

Position paper