What you see bellow is a test widget, though which you can create your own widgets. The launch will happen on January 22 (00:00).

The central website of the campaign will not be the S2B website, but a dedicated one accessible via www.stopISDS.org and www.rules4corporations.org. We need a few more days to have the website ready.

For any question related to the test widget, write to lucile@S2Bnetwork.org

Instructions for creating your own widget

  1. Go to https://s2bnetwork.org/test-widget-riperuco/
  2. The form field that you see on this page is our widget for signature collection.
  3. In the bottom right corner, below the logo, click on “Share”
  4. Choose the language your widget should be displayed in. If your language is not yet available, send us an email (lucile@S2Bnetwork.org).
  5. “Opt-in confirmation landing page”: This is the page that users are redirected to, after they have signed the petition and have clicked the link in the confirmation email they received. It would be best if you create your own landing page and copy the url here. You will find a suggested text for the landing page here. You can change the landing page in your widget settings whenever you want.
  6. Fill in your email address and organisation, then click “generate widget”
  7. A short html code appears in the field at the bottom. This is the embed code that will make the widget appear on your own website. Copy the full code and hand it over to your web administrator. He/She will know where to integrate it into your website.
  8. You receive an email from the campaign coordinators. (If not, check your junk folder!!) Click the validation link in this email. Don’t delete the email. You will need it again…
  9. Create a new PoliCAT account by filling in your details. All fields are required! The page sometimes freezes. If that happens, refresh and start from scratch. (Sorry, if that happens!) Don’t give up until a message appears that asks you to check your inbox.
  10. You receive another email. Click the validation link in this email to activate your account.
  11. You can now login to your PoliCAT account.
  12. Later you can costumise the look of your widget. “Embed” is the widget type you see on this test page. “Pop-up” is useful for narrow pages or page sidebars. Here is an example of what a “pop-up” widget would look like. You can still change the widget type later.

Note : the “read more” link now sends to the S2B website, but it will change. As soon as our campaign website (reachable via www.stopisds.org & www.rules4corporations.org) is online, the “read more” link will send to the central website’s about page in your language.


Can I access the data of signatories?

Yes. Every signatory is asked whether they want to receive further information about this or other campaigns. If they agree to receive further information, you can ask us to transfer the address and email data collected in your own widget(s) to you. You will have to agree to our privacy policies (i.e. you must guarantee the proper use of the data and that you will keep it safe) in order to receive the data. Please keep in mind that users now have new rights thanks to the new regulation on data protection (GDPR). If you ask for the data ownership, you will be legally responsible. In our use case, you will mostly need to keep the data safe, to answer user’s questions about their data, to remove their data from your database if they ask for it. Since every user is asked for their consent as their sign, you do not need to re-ask. Read more about the GDPR here. Read the default policat privacy policy here.


How can I edit my widget?

You can change the information provided in the steps above (widget type, width, landing page etc.) by login in to your PoliCAT account at any time. Choose “widget” from the black menu bar on top. You’ll find a list of your widgets and you can edit each of them individually.


Can I have more than one widget?

Yes, you can have as many widgets as you need. However, please keep it simple for us to keep an overview by not creating more than two widgets! Normally, you will only need one widget as you can use the same widget in multiple pages. Simply us the same html code to embed the widget in multiple locations on your website or the website of your local groups. Please only create a second widget if you need to change the widget type (for instance if you need a pop-up widget for your website’s sidebar).


When does collection start?

Online collection starts on midnight in the night between Monday January 21 and Tuesday January 22, 2019. From now until Monday January 21 11am CET, the system will be set on “live” for test purposes only. This allows you to test the user flow (= sign the petition and make sure it all works and that all the translations are correct). However, we will delete all data that is entered in this test phase! Do not publish the widget on your website yet as people will think they can sign the petition but in fact their entries will be deleted! For now, only use the widget on pages that cannot be accessed by the public! After 11am on Monday 21, you can embed the widget in a public spot on your website. From this point in time, the campaign will be set on “inactive” which means that the widget will display a message “the campaign will start on January 22” and people will not be able to sign yet, until January 22 00:00.


Preparing your website

Where to place the widget?

The widget can be embedded almost everywhere on your website. You may choose to place it on your start page as a pop-up widget or you may create a separate page on which you provide background information and ask people to sign the petition


Data ownership

Why do we need to talk about this?

When we gather signatures with PoliCAT, we ask people whether they want to be kept informed about this and similar campaigns. If they give their consent by ticking a box, they can be sent a regular newsletter. This proposal deals with the question who should be allowed to send this newsletter or more precisely, who should be the owner of the collected data.

Here is the proposal:

For widgets on websites and social media channels of individual organisations: Any organisation that is part of the campaign coalition can apply for data ownership and hence keep the data of those people that sign via their widget. So for instance, if TNI puts a widget on their website, they receive the data of anyone signing via that widget and agreeing to be kept informed. By applying for data ownership you agree to handle the data in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Organisations that are not part of the campaign coalition cannot apply for data ownership. This ensures that we don’t give groups access to data, which don’t agree with our values and purpose.

Local groups of member organisations (for instance Attac Munich) can also not apply for data ownership. Two reasons: It would be a lot of work for Lucile (the central Data Protection Officer for the campaign) because she has to check and approve every application for data ownership. Secondly, it only makes sense for organisations to receive the data if they have the infrastructure to send newsletters. They also must have systems in place to ensure data protection. Generally, this is not the case for local groups.

For widgets on the central campaign website (www.stopISDS.org & www.rules4corporations.org ) and social media channels: Data should remain with the Seattle to Brussels network (S2B). This ensures that the data is not lost after the campaign is over and can be used for similar campaigns in the future.