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To Mr. Donald Tusk
President of the European Council
B-1048 Brussels

To the EU Heads of State and Government

Europe, 27 June 2016

Dear members of the European Council,

On the occasion of your meeting on 28 June 2016, we, the undersigned civil society organisations, ask you to heed the calls of the people of Europe and withdraw the mandate for the European Commission to negotiate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), with immediate effect.

We agree with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that the time has come for European Union heads of state “to have a new discussion on where we are and where we want to get with these negotiations”.

However, we believe that the result of this discussion must reflect the repeated demands of European people that negotiations on TTIP be halted.

More than 3.4 million people across the continent have signed a self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP and CETA, joining non-governmental organisations, trade unions and business groups across the continent in outright opposition to this deal – opposition also clearly reflected in unprecedented mobilisations across Europe. Additionally, more than 150,000 people took part in an EU consultation on ISDS with 97% clearly stating that they do not want any investment dispute settlement mechanism in TTIP. Nevertheless, the Commission has proposed a slightly revised mechanism that does not address the key flaws and dangers of ISDS.

People across the continent have a greater awareness of trade deals than at any previous time. Any move to express renewed support for TTIP will be highly publicised and scrutinised across Europe. We therefore appeal to you to use this opportunity to heed public opinion and urgently withdraw the mandate for TTIP.

Yours sincerely,

Corporate Europe Observatory – Europe

European Coordination Via Campesina – Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe – Europe

Food & Water Europe – Europe

Health and Trade Network – Europe

%Attac Reg. Group Wiener Neustadt – Austria

Aktionsbündnis Graz – Austria

Attac Austria – Austria

Attac Flachgau – Austria

AUGE/UG – Alternative, Grüne und Unabhängig GewerkschafterInnen – Austria

Austrian Association of Independent Theatre – Austria

Betriebsseelsorge – Austria

Gemeinwohlökonomie Steiermark – Austria

Gewerkschaftlicher Linksblock Salzburg – Austria

GLB-KPÖ – Austria

Global 2000 – Austria

Grüne Bildungswerkstatt NÖ – Austria

H2 SchülerInnenzentrum – Austria

IG Bildende Kunst – Austria

Initiativplattform TTIP stoppen! Oberoesterreich – Austria

Jupa St.Pölten – Austria

Katholische Jugend Diözese St. Pölten – Austria

Katholische Jungschar Österreichs – Austria

KMU gegen TTIP Austria – Austria

Kulturrat Österreich – Austria

mehr demokratie! österreich – Austria

Pastorale Dienste der Diözese St. Pölten – Austria

Austrian TTIP-Stoppen Plattform – Austria

quintessenz – Verein zur Wiederherstellung der Bürgerrechte im Informationszeitalter – Austria

Transition Graz – Austria

TTIP Stoppenn Plattform Salzburg – Austria

Welthaus St.Pölten – Austria

Welthaus Vienna – Austria

Maison du Peuple d’Europe – Belgium

VEGA – Belgium

Center for democratization – Croatia

KSFPZG – Croatia

NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark – Denmark

350 Finland – Finland

Attac Finland – Finland

Communist Party of Finland – Finland

Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry / Pro Ethical Trade Finland – Finland

Emmaus Aurinkotehdas ry – Finland

Finnish Association of Worldshops – Finland

Finnish TTIP Network – Finland

Friends of the Earth Finland – Finland

Friends of the Landless – Finland – Finland

Technology for Life NGO – Finland

New Wind Association – Finland

AITEC – France

Amis de la Terre – France – France

Confederation paysanne – France

Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V. – Germany

Andy Gheorghiu Consulting – Germany

Berlin Water Table – Germany

Berliner Wassertisch – Germany

BI lebenswertes Korbach e.V. – Germany

BI lebenswertes Korbach e.V. – Germany

BUND – Friends of the Earth Germany – Germany

Bürgerinitiative FrackingFreies Hamburg – Germany

Campact e.V. – Germany

Gen-ethisches Netzwerk – Germany

IG Rees gegen Gasbohren e.V. – Germany

IG Schönes Lünne – Germany

Kein CO2 Endlager EV – Germany

UAEM Europe – Germany

Umweltinstitut München e.V. – Germany

Green Institute – Greece

Naturefriends Greece – Greece

OIKO.POLI.S – Greece

Stop ttip ceta tisa – Greece

MTVSZ / Friends of the Earth Hungary – Hungary

Védegylet – Hungary

Zöld Fiatalok Egyesület (Hungarian Green Roots) – Hungary

Attac Ireland – Ireland

Clare activists – Ireland

Clare Says No To TTIP – Ireland

Clare Sinn Fein – Ireland

Cobh Community 4 Change – Ireland

Community – Ireland

Cork Rejects TTIP/CETA – Ireland

Crumlin says no – Ireland

Friends of the Earth – Ireland

Help the homeless – Ireland

Right2Water/Right2Change-CORK – Ireland

Shannon town against water charges – Ireland

Fairwatch – Italy

Stop TTIP Italia – Italy

Progressi – Italy

Ž – Lithuania

Attac Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg – Luxembourg

FGFC – Luxembourg

Landjugend a Jongbaueren – Luxembourg

Mouvement Ecologique asbl, FoE Luxembourg – Luxembourg

natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l. – Luxembourg

Initiativ Liewensufank – Luxemburg

Centrum Zrównoważonego Rozwoju – Poland

Fundacja Strefa Zieleni – Poland

Institute of Global Responsibility – Poland

Partia Zieloni – Poland

Polish Young Greens Ostra Zielen – Poland

Stowarzyszenie Niesiołowice Węsiory Kamienne Kregi – Poland

Portuguese Platform NO to the Transatlantic Treaty – Portugal

Oikos – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento – Portugal

Plataforma Não ao Tratado Transatlântico – Portugal

ZERO – Association for the Sustainability of the Earth System – Portugal

Alburnus Maior Association / Save Rosia Montana Campaign – Romania

DE-CLIC.RO – Romania

Mining Watch Romania – Romania

Party for Eco-socialism and Sustainable Development of Slovenia – TRS – Slovenia

Pirate Party Slovenia – Slovenia

Movement for Sustainable Development of Slovenia – TRS – Slovenia

Protestival – slovenia

Puntarji Slovenije – Slovenia

Sezam – Slovenia


Solidarnost – Slovenia

Umanotera – Slovenia

Movimiento europeo noal TTIP – Spain

Agrupación de electores “POR VILLANUEVA” – Spain

Alternativa Socialista (cli-as) – Spain – Spain

Asamblea 15M Guanarteme – Spain

Asociación Andaluza por la Solidaridad y la Paz – Spain

Asociación Cultural Ateneo El Refugio de la Utopía – Spain

Asociación d vecinos Sgrda. Familia, Barcelona – Spain

Asociación Iniciativa Ciudadana de Villanueva de la Vera y Comarca – Spain

Asociación Sevillana de ONGD – Spain

Ateneo Popular de Alcorcón – Spain

ATTAC Navarra-Nafarroa – Spain

ATTAC Spain – Spain

Autonoma – Spain

Ayuntamiento de Talaveruela de la Vera – Spain

Cambia Logroño – Spain

CGT – Spain

CGT-Spain – Spain

Circulo Podem Agramunt – Spain

CO.BAS sindicato de comisiones de base – Spain

COAG – Spain

Coordinadora Andaluza de ONGD – Spain

Ecologistas en Acción – Spain

Ecologistas en Acción Andalucía – Spain

Ecopolítica – Spain

Ecoxarxa Mallorca – Spain



EQUO – Spain

EQUO Huelva – Spain


Esquerra de Menorca – Spain

FACUA-Consumidores en Acción – Spain

Federacion Provincial de CGT Alicante – Spain

Friends of the Earth Spain – Spain


GRAIN – Spain

Grupo de Difusión de Información acerca del TTIP – Spain

hermanitas de la Asunción – Spain

IS PSOE – Spain

IU – Spain

izquierda unida – Spain

la nave nodriza asociación – Spain

LA VINCA Ecologistas en Acción – Spain

Margalló Ecologistes en Acció d’Elx – Spain

Mesa de la Ría de Huelva – Spain

MOVER Parla – Spain

movimiento europeo no al TTIP – Spain

NitDempeusBCN – Spain

OCSI – Spain

Organización de Cooperación y Solidaridad Internacional – Spain

Plataforma Jerez contra el TTIP – Spain

Plataforma NO AL TTIP d’Elx – Spain

Plataforma rural – Spain

Plataforma Sevilla NO al TTIP – Spain

Podem Catalunya – Spain

Podem horta guinardo – Spain

Podem Les Borges Blanques – Spain

Podem Ribagorça – Spain

Podemos Sanitat Catalunya – Spain

Podemos stboi – Spain

Podemos, Lleida – Spain


REAS Navarra – Spain

Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía – Spain

STEA-i – Spain

Sumem parets – spain

Terra SOStenile – Spain

Tiritanas – Spain

UGT Jerez de la Frontera – Spain


Unidos podemos – Spain

Unión Sindical Obrera (USO) – Spain

USTEA – Spain

Xarxa Observatori del Deute en la Globalització – Spain

Xsuc-S 21 – Spain

AdA Getafe – Getafe (Madrid) – Spain

Alternativa antimilitarista.Moc, Las Palmas de G.C. – Spain

ATTAC – Spain

ATTAC en Aragón -CHEG – Spain

Carlos Jaén Armario – Spain

CIC BATA – Spain

Círculo podem mollerussa – Spain

Ecologistas en Acción – CÁDIZ – Spain


Equo Valladolid – Spain

FPTM – Spain

Marea Blanca – Spain

PODEM – Mollerussa – Spain

PSUC Viu – Spain

ATTAC BIZKAIA – Spain – Basque country

Asamblea de Andalucía (AdA) – Andalucía – Spain

Izquierda Unida Los Verdes CA – Andalucía – Spain

JATEKO-Green Consumer Group, Pamplona-Navarra – Basque Country – Spain

ELA – Basque Country – Spain

ekologistak martxan nafarroa – Navarra – Spain

ASEED Europe – The Netherlands

Milieudefensie – The Netherlands

Transnational Institute (TNI) – The Netherlands

38 Degrees Haringey – United Kingdom

38 degrees Haringey – United Kingdom

Belper Keep Our National Health Service Public – United Kingdom

Calderdale 38 degrees Campaign Group – United Kingdom

Exeter&District Trades Union Council – United Kingdom

Family Farmers’ Association – United Kingdom

Global Justice Now – United Kingdom

Hornsey Pensioners Action Group – United Kingdom

Islington Pensioners Forum – United Kingdom

Keep Our NHS Public – United Kingdom

Lewisham People Before Profit – United Kingdom

Lewisham Stop TTIP – United Kingdom – United Kingdom

National Pensioners Convention – United Kingdom

National Union of Teachers – United Kingdom

Politics of Health Group – United Kingdom

Southampton Keep Our NHS Public – United Kingdom

Southampton People’s Assembly Against Austerity – United Kingdom

StopTTIP uk – United Kingdom

Trade Justice Movement – United Kingdom

Unite Community Southampton Area – United Kingdom

War on Want – United Kingdom